Philadelphia Flyers trading disgruntled defender after just one year under John Tortorella

Published June 24, 2023 at 9:22 PM

When the Philadelphia Flyers hired John Tortorella to be their Head Coach, there was an immediate concern how he'd interact with members of the team. As is usually the case, Torts personality clashed with many members of the team. It was widely reported Torts clashed with both Kevin Hayes and Tony DeAngelo.

The Flyers acquired DeAngelo last summer in a trade with the Carolina Hurricanes.

The Hurricanes were reportedly interested in keeping DeAngelo, but weren't willing to do it at the price Tony D wanted. Now it appears the Canes are now interested in reuniting with DeAngelo.

In addition to this currently-delayed Philadelphia trade with St. Louis, there is word the Flyers are also working on a Tony DeAngelo trade that would return him to Carolina. That one might also wait until tomorrow.

Further to @FriedgeHNIC, Carolina working to complete a Tony DeAngelo trade which likely will be completed Sunday. Flyers would retain 50 percent on DeAngelo. Flyers would be getting a prospect from Carolina.

One thing is clear, Daniel Briere is not messing around with this full rebuild.
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