Jake Guentzel of the Pittsburgh Penguins
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Pittsburgh Penguins Biggest Trade Chip has this Canadian Team on his No Trade List

Published January 4, 2024 at 8:36

With the trade deadline just two months away, speculation is mounting on which teams should do what if they hope to make a deep playoff run. However, a new report states a key trade chip of the Pittsburgh Penguins has at least one Canadian team on his no-trade list.

Jake Guentzel is in the final year of a five-year deal he signed back in 2018 worth $6 million per season. That deal was inked by then Penguins GM Jim Rutherford, who is now President of Hockey Operations with the Vancouver Canucks. Ironically, if the Canucks want to pursue Guentzel should he be made available, Vancouver is one of the team's on Guentzel's 12-team no-trade list, according to Rick Dhaliwal.

"I'll be very surprised if the Canucks are not in on him, if, capital letters, if, the Penguins make him available. Someone also told me that the Canucks are on his no-trade list...The Canucks are on a lot of players' no-trade list because they've done nothing but lose for the last 10 years, so that's not a surprise.

At the same time, Dhaliwal said players, of course, have the option to ignore the list if they decide a trade to that team is in their best interest. Dhaliwal said he's hearing that may be the case here, and believes the no-trade list won't hinder Guentzel coming to Vancouver if a trade can get done. He points out the relationship between Guentzel and Rutherford as the reason for that.

"However, the price for this player if going to be very, very high."

"You gotta be careful here if you're the Canucks. Do you want to give a ton up for a rental guy?"

Vancouver is one of the biggest surprises in the league this season, and is currently one point out of first place overall in the NHL.

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Pittsburgh Penguins Biggest Trade Chip has this Canadian Team on his No Trade List

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