Coyotes clap back at City of Phoenix by filing massive lawsuit

Published April 5, 2023 at 5:27 PM

The Arizona Coyotes are biting back against the City of Phoenix in what seems to be shaping into a bitter battle. It was just a little over a week ago when Phoenix said it was suing the City of Tempe over its proposal for a new development that would include the Coyotes' new home arena. Phoenix said the two cities agreed in the 90s not to build any residential units within a 1.9-square-kilometre radius of Sky Harbor International Airport, due to the high volume of noise.

Now, Tempe, the Arizona Coyotes, and its development arm, Bluebird Development, have filed a countersuit asking for billions of dollars, claiming Phoenix broke its word not to interfere with the development.

"The Arizona Coyotes and its development arm, Bluebird Development, have had enough of Phoenix's bullying bureaucrats. And now the City of Phoenix is facing a $2.3 billion claim after it broke its word and decided to undermine a plan to convert a hazardous unlined Tempe-owned landfill into a new sports and entertainment district next to Tempe Town Lake."

Tempe claims in the documents that its entire decision to go ahead with the new arena was based on the knowledge that Phoenix would not interfere in the development.

"In addition to this claim, the Coyotes and Bluebird will continue to investigate Phoenix and Sky Harbor's use of taxpayer's dollars to interfere with a neighboring city's election."

Residents of Tempe are set to decide whether the arena development - which includes retail stores, restaurants and apartments - can go ahead. A vote is scheduled to be held in May. In the meantime, the Coyotes continue to play at Mullet Arena, a 5,000 seat arena in Tempe used by the Arizona Sun Devils' college team. The Coyotes were evicted from Gila River Arena in Glendale after the 2022-22 in a dispute over taxes and unpaid rink charges.

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Coyotes clap back at City of Phoenix by filing massive lawsuit

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