Vegas Golden Knights Robin Lehner facing legal trouble after fraud allegations

Published April 5, 2023 at 12:41

Vegas Golden Knights goaltender Robin Lehner is never too far from controversy, from disagreements with team's medical staff, substance abuse problems, and now he is facing fraud claims from a creditor in his bankruptcy case, which he filed for back in December.

Lehner is being accused of fraud in obtaining the debt, as The Athletic article states, with his top creditor wanting Lehner to pay back what he owes. It also mentions that Lehner is facing another fraud claim in a separate motion with American Express.

In a 14-page complaint, Aliya Growth Fund (AGF) uses the term 'fraud' or 'fraudulent' ten times and asks for a trial after loaning Lehner $4.75 million only six weeks before him and his wife filed for bankruptcy.

AGF's lawyers say that Lehner solicited and received massive sums of money, as mentioned above, "by making materially false and misleading representations." They also added that Lehner and his wife had 24 separate loans which totaled $21 million, as well as 11 litigation matters and unpaid taxes that they failed to disclose on their loan application last Fall.

As for Lehner's case with American Express, the company is seeking the return of $95,319.96 that he incurred following the hiring of an bankruptcy attorney in December 2022. American Express says that Lehner spent $45,406.25 at Aquatic Treasures in Las Vegas, and $15,029.99 at Top Shelf Aquatics in Winter Park, Fla.

A large percentage of the Lehners' debt is tied to his family's company SolarCode, whom a lender is suing for $3.9 million over the alleged failure to repay a business loan. Lehner also has invested in reptile breeding and farms and faces litigation tied to failure to make payments on snake purchases. Any active litigation is stayed by the bankruptcy.

The 31 year old Lehner joins Evander Kane, another high profile player who filed Chapter 7 in January 2021. These two are not alone in poorly managing their fortunes, Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, Michael Vick, Warren Sapp, Antoine Walker, Jack Johnson, Darren McCarty and Bryan Trottier have all had to file bankruptcy.
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Vegas Golden Knights Robin Lehner facing legal trouble after fraud allegations

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