Gary Bettman shares why it's so important to him to keep the Arizona Coyotes in Arizona

Published June 3, 2023 at 7:45 PM

Every year before the puck is about to drop on the Stanley Cup final, The National Hockey League holds a press conference and addresses the season that was, this year, commissioner Gary Bettman took some time to double down on his belief in the Arizona Coyotes.

Bettman explains why keeping the Coyotes where there are is a must; take a look.

Gary Bettman on why the league is so patient with the Coyotes

Bettman explains that he thinks Arizona is a good market, one of the largest in North America and they've been a victim of circumstance throughout their time in the league and the league is in a much better position to avoid relocating teams now than 30 years ago, so if they can avoid it, they will.

It's a good marketWe're in a better position to resist moving than maybe 20 or 30 years ago.

While the League continues to explore other options in the greater Phoenix area after their arena deal in Tempe was axed.

Arizona Coyotes are exploring other options in greater Phoenix area, says Bettman. Hope is that one of those options works out.

To those who thought The Arizona Coyotes were moving, Bettman has clearly said otherwise and although most of the fans would not agree, at least he provided an explanation as to why he doesn't want to move them.

While it's admirable Bettman wants to keep the team in Arizona largely because of the fans, I think all you're doing at this point is prolonging their misery.
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Gary Bettman shares why it's so important to him to keep the Arizona Coyotes in Arizona

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