Leon Draisaitl slashes a referee and gets a penalty for it

Published March 28, 2023 at 6:37 PM

The Edmonton Oilers faced off against the Arizona Coyotes last night in Arizona. The Oilers were able to sneak away with a 5-4 victory. But it was a play involving Leon Draisaitl that caught everyone's attention.

During the 1st period Leon Draisaitl faced off against Jack McBain for a faceoff. Off the play it appears McBain gets his stick into the midsection of Leon. Draisaitl responds by pulling back his stick and attempting to slash McBain, but misses.

Draisaitl clearly misses McBain and connects directly with the linesman. Surprisingly though Leon was awarded a slashing penalty despite not making any contact with the official. Last season a similar play resulted in Nate MacKinnon receiving no supplemental discipline so it's likely that this is a non-issue for Leon as well.

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