Insider on what 'drives people absolutely bananas' behind the scenes in Calgary

Published March 28, 2023 at 5:51 PM

With the Calgary Flames four points out of an NHL playoffs wild card spot and under 10 games to go in the season, there's been plenty of talk on what is wrong with the team. Almost every time, it seems to go back to a disjointed dressing room, and what appears to be a lack of communication between head coach Darryl Sutter and his players. A recent podcast has shed more light on that.

Appearing on the Barn Burner podcast, Insider Frank Seravalli of Daily Faceoff went back to Jakob Jakob Pelletier's NHL debut in January, where Sutter was criticized for pretending not to know who the rookie was in the post-game press conference. Seravalli gave more information this time, saying the way everything went down is how the dressing room operates, and it's driving people crazy.

Seravalli explained the Pelletier incident started a few days before the news conference when many within the Flames were wondering whether he would make his NHL debut the next game night so they could get his family there. Sutter refused to give him an answer until he was finally approached by another player.

"So, finally it took another player to go upstairs and say 'what are we going here? This kid's been hanging around, is he making his debut or not? And if he is, at least give him enough courtesy to say hey, yeah, you're in. Let's get your parents in here to make sure they see your first NHL game."

Seravalli added it was only after that chat that Sutter told Pelletier he was playing. But, Sutter's personality wouldn't allow him to let it go and he poked fun of Pelletier at the news conference as a way of retaliating.

"Oh, you forced my hand into playing this kid, and this is how I'm going to handle it publicly, just to let everyone know that this should have been my call."

Seravalli insisted this is a great example of what is driving everyone crazy within the Flames organization.

"That was his way of pushing back. And that's the stuff that goes on behind the scenes that drives people absolutely bananas."

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Insider on what 'drives people absolutely bananas' behind the scenes in Calgary

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