NHL insider reveals Arizona Coyote's ownerships strategy for getting new arena and it's more embarrassing than ever

Published May 1, 2023 at 8:54 PM

Since the Arizona Coyotes made the decision to play in a university arena far below NHL standards, Coyotes executives and the league have been frantically working to find a suitable long-term home to save the franchise. Now with a proposed building in Tempe being delayed due to a citizens' vote, the future of the Coyotes looks especially bleak.

NHL insider Frank Seravalli has now reported that Coyotes' executives are actually part of a door-to-door marketing campaign, pleading for the votes of residents to keep the team in Arizona. Unfortunately for them, their efforts still can not bring Arizonans to care about the Coyotes.

Seravalli goes on to explain in detail the marketing strategy of Coyotes executives for the building of a Tempe multi-purpose space, which actually lists Coyotes hockey as one of the least important functions. In essence, the Coyotes ownership is attempting to use public money to build something entirely unrelated to hockey.

According to Seravalli's report, residents don't seem to be interested in the building, trust the ownership group, or show any interest whatsoever in keeping the Arizona Coyotes. With such a disaster on their hands, facing an indefinite amount of time at Arizona State University, Seravalli reports that the league may finally step in and relocate the team to Houston, potentially as early as this offseason.
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