NHL may close the loophole being used by the Arizona Coyotes

Published March 10, 2023 at 1:08 PM

For years now, the Arizona Coyotes have been at the bottom of the of the National Hockey League standings, really making no real effort to get out of the basement all while being a breeding ground for taking on player contracts who will never play another game in the NHL.

Now, it appears as if the league may be looking into how to close this ever present loophole among other things as per the Sportsnet's Elliotte Friedman of Sportsnet on the 32 Thoughts blog.

As of Wednesday afternoon, hadn't heard about agenda items for the meetings ... but things that seem to be on people's radar: the lengthy trade-related sabbaticals this season; decreasing the pre-season (which could lead into a schedule conversation, but I'm not convinced commissioner Bettman is crazy about 84 games); playoff points of officiating emphasis; and how to make three-way trades less-complicated. No doubt, there are things I'm forgetting or not yet aware of. I believe there is growing consternation about Arizona's roster, but the GMs are not going to be able to solve that. That's a governors' issue, and we'll see how they feel.

The Coyotes in recent years have never really been able to hit the cap floor without taking on LTIR contracts. With the growing concerns among general managers about how they use their cap in order to get to the cap floor has spurred the board of governors to take a look.

For too long, Arizona has been Gary Bettman's baby, if they're going to start penalizing teams for using LTIR to add players for the playoffs, it's about time they look at the Coyotes reverse circumvention as well
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NHL may close the loophole being used by the Arizona Coyotes

Should the NHL close this salary cap loophole?

Yes, it's a form of cheating8663.7 %
No, just get rid of the salary cap2619.3 %
No, let teams find ways to get over the cap2317 %
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