New information has fans convinced Gary Bettman is up to something shady to save the Arizona Coyotes

Published March 16, 2023 at 8:32

The Arizona Coyotes future in Arizona still remains up in the air. Tempe City Council recently pushed the idea of a new arena to a special referendum which will allow residents to vote on whether or not they'd like the new Entertainment District. Yesterday the NHL announced the dates for the upcoming Draft Lottery and it has some fans feeling like Bettman may have something shady up his sleeves.

Gary Bettman wants to remind you that teams don't tank in the NHL.

That's why the league doesn't broadcast a draft lottery to titillate the-

It begins with a fan pointing out something that Bettman has echoed on multiple occasions. According to Bettman teams in the NHL don't tank, he believes it's not something that exists in the NHL and for that reason that's why the NHL doesn't publicly broadcast the draft lottery process. This is the process which ultimately determines which team gets the 1st overall pick. Instead the league conducts the draw behind closed doors and simply broadcasts the results.

Another fan then pointed out, when the NHL did broadcast the final portion of the lottery it was surrounded by a lot of confusion as it appeared the New York Rangers ball was directly in the hopped while the operator looked directly at it. This led to some believing that the Rangers were Bettman's hand chosen destination for Alexis Lafreniere.

That is when a fan points out that the Draft Lottery appears to align perfectly with the Tempe referendum date.

Draft lottery is May 8th. Tempe election is May 16th. That's not a coincidence.

Bettman has gone to every length possible to try and keep the Coyotes in Arizona, so you have to wonder just how far he'd be willing to go to get this deal done? Would Bettman risk fixing the draft lottery to promote a young star in Arizona? Only time will tell, but given Bettman's history, it's probably not out of the question.
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New information has fans convinced Gary Bettman is up to something shady to save the Arizona Coyotes

Would Gary Bettman rig the Draft Lottery for the Coyotes?

Yes, he'd do anything to keep the team in Arizona00 %
No, I don't think he'd risk it00 %
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