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Coyotes failed to pay hotel bills multiple times

Published April 12, 2024 at 7:40

There has been non-stop speculation that the Arizona Coyotes will be relocated to Utah at the end of this season, and although not completely confirmed, it would appear that although it could be a giant coincidence, the writing was on the wall in the little intricacies the team was or was not doing, depending on how you look at it.

On the Daily Faceoff podcast, insider Frank Seravalli expressed that the Coyotes have been skipping out on paying their hotel bills, to the point where hotels around the league came together to demand that the team pay for their hotel stays with a certified check.

Now, if you're wondering whether or not this was the sole reason for all the relocation talk, that's likely not the case, as it is known that the team doesn't have the best arena in the league and never really appeared to have a long-term plan to have a permanent home anywhere in Arizona, but realistically, if you can't or won't pay your bills, what kind of entity are you actually running?

Whatever the excuse was for the team to fall behind or not pay their bills regarding their accommodation, we may never know, but if the league is serious about having a team back in the state at some point, provided they are moved in the first place, it might be a good idea to find the right ownership group so an embarrassing situation like this doesn't occur in the desert again.
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Coyotes failed to pay hotel bills multiple times

If the Arizona Coyotes are moved, does the state deserve another team later on?

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