Domi vs Nemec
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Max Domi feeds Simon Nemec his lunch in spirited tilt

Published April 11, 2024 at 8:52 PM

The Toronto Maple Leafs and the New Jersey Devils are facing off at ScotiaBank Arena tonight and with two teams on the opposite ends of the standings, this game has certainly had some bite to it, with everybody throwing their weight around including Devils rookie defender Simon Nemec.

In the latter part of the second period, Nemec delivers a huge hit on Leafs superstar forward Auston Matthews and Max Domi takes exception and jumps right in; take a look.

DOMI vs NEMEC courtesy of Joe Bowen and Jim Ralph. #LeafsForever  @Bonsie1951 @Jim_Ralph @LeafsJelly

Domi jumps right to the defence of Matthews and absolutely destroys Nemec with a few crushing uppercuts before Nemec goes down and the crowd salutes Domi on his way off the ice.

Domi was assessed and instigator penalty on the play for being the first one to drop his gloves, but if you're the Leafs you take that penalty all day and smile. The fact that they have players willing to stand up for their stars this year, is something fans should be ecstatic

The Leafs would kill that penalty off-they wouldn't stay ahead for long though as New Jersey would score in the dying seconds of the period to tied the game at 4 going into the 3rd.
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Max Domi feeds Simon Nemec his lunch in spirited tilt

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