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Coyotes to participate in auction for land for new arena

Published March 15, 2024 at 12:59

The Arizona Coyotes have taken a step forward in finding a permanent home for the future of the organization.

According to Craig Morgan, the Coyotes have submitted an application to the Arizona State Land Department to participate in an auction for a piece of land in North Phoenix. Morgan added that the Arizona State Land Department approved the Coyotes' application.

Morgan says that an auction for the land must be held within ten weeks of the posting of the application, but it won't occur until the middle of June at the earliest. At this time, there are a few unknowns regarding the auction, including how much money the Arizona Coyotes organization is willing to pay for the land and who they could be in a battle with in the auction in a few months time.

If the Coyotes happen to win the upcoming auction for the North Phoenix land, it's expected that they will remain in Mullett Arena until after the 2026-27 season, meaning that they'll be playing at the 5,000-seat college arena for another three years beyond the current campaign.

It's unclear what will happen if the Coyotes lose the auction in June, as it would bring them back to square one - no land for a permanent arena. If this happens, one would have to expect the National Hockey League to step in and take action and this time, relocation to somewhere such as Salt Lake City, Utah can't be off the table.

Should the NHL relocate the Arizona Coyotes if they lose the auction for land in North Phoenix? Let us know what you think in the poll below.

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Coyotes to participate in auction for land for new arena

If the Coyotes fail to win the auction, should the NHL relocate them?

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