Jackson Edward snaps again
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Boston Bruins prospect snaps again facing 4th suspension of the year

Published March 11, 2024 at 9:11

The Boston Bruins selected Jackson Edward in the 7th round of the 2022 NHL Entry Draft. The 6'3 defender is currently playing his overage season with the London Knights of the Ontario Hockey League. While Edward has never been heralded for his play, it's his extra curricular activities that have drawn him some attention.

This season alone, Edward has already been suspended three times and could be facing a fourth after Saturday night's action. One thing is for sure is that Edward has a short temper and that has proven to be a dangerous recipe for opponents.

On Saturday Edward once again lost his cool, this time after taking a questionable hit into the boards. Instead of allowing the officials to make the call, Edward quickly jumps to his feet and begins to feed his opponent right hands.

Bruins prospect Jackson Edward, No. 92 in green, is assessed yet another misconduct in the OHL after taking this hit from Misaljevic, getting back up, dropping the gloves and just teeing off on him with punches. Would be surprised if he's not disciplined (again). #NHLBruins   

FYI the misconduct came after this hit when Edward lost his mind on the officials. There's not really much footage of that, but this hit is what set it all in motion.

Luckily for his opponent the linesmen arrive just on time and manage to break things up before any real damage is done. That's when Edward was really set off and absolutely lost his mind on the officials. Given his track record Edward is very likely to face at least hearing with the league.
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Boston Bruins prospect snaps again facing 4th suspension of the year

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