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Milan Lucic scores HUGE win in domestic violence case

Published February 16, 2024 at 11:54

Last year Boston Bruins forward Milan Lucic was arrested and charged with domestic violence after an incident involving his wife. Initial crimes allege that Lucic had become physical with his wife over a cell phone. The crime was reported to have happened with children in the home.

While charges were initially laid and a court date was set today. It was revealed that prosecution has elected to dismiss all charges. This comes after Milan's wife elected to not testify against her husband.

Prosecutors dropped their domestic assault case against Milan Lucic, a veteran forward for the Boston Bruins, after revealing that his wife declined to testify and a judge ruled that her 911 call was inadmissible.

Assistant District Attorney Samuel Jones had argued Friday morning to use the 911 call in the trial, which was scheduled to begin later in the day.

Lucic's lawyers argued that the call should be deemed inadmissible because his wife had time to fabricate her story. A judge in the case agreed and going forward all charges against Lucic have been dropped.

Lucic was recently enrolled in the NHL's players assistance program and there has been no details about his eligibility to return to the ice or if he would be welcomed back by the Bruins.
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Milan Lucic scores HUGE win in domestic violence case

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