Pat Maroon of the Boston Bruins speaks to reporters
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Patrick Maroon shares the real reason he hasn't dropped the gloves

Published May 13, 2024 at 2:21 PM

Pat Maroon of the Boston Bruins says he's tried to get revenge for the Sam Bennett hit on Brad Marchand but no members of the Florida Panthers will step up to fight

With the Boston Bruins down 3-1 in their second round 2024 Stanley Cup Playoffs series against the Florida Panthers, talk is still revolving around an incident that took place in game 3, and why the Bruins haven't done anything about it. Boston tough guy Pat Maroon says it isn't that simple.

In game 3, Florida's Sam Bennett suckerpunched Boston's Brad Marchand, knocking him out of the series for the time being at least. Marchand did not play in game 4, and his status for game 5 is still unknown. The punch was deliberate and heavy. There was no call on the play and no punishment from the Department of Player Safety.

Asked why he hasn't gone after Bennett in the series, or any other member of the Panthers, Maroon told reporters that he has certainly tried.

"Maroon on Bennett: 'I'm sure everyone's wondering why I haven't done anything. It's not like I haven't tried. I love my captain and I love the guys. Everyone looking at me to do something. I have tried and I am trying.'

Asked if he thinks any Panther would fight him: 'No.'"

It may not be what Bruins fans want to hear, but it's a smart move by both Bennett and his teammates. They got away with one, and there's absolutely no reason for any of them to get involved in any attempt to even the score by the Bruins. The risk of losing a player of their own is just too high.

Game 5 takes place Tuesday night, and it's a must win for the Boston Bruins, or they'll be eliminated by the Florida Panthers for the third year in a row.
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Patrick Maroon shares the real reason he hasn't dropped the gloves

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