Flames Player Calls Out Teammates, Says They Can't Blame 'Darryl' Anymore

Published October 25, 2023 at 3:36 PM

A member of the Calgary Flames is not happy with the team's start, and he's laying the blame squarely at his own feet, and those of his teammates.

Nikita Zadorov told reporters that the Flames 2-3-1 record to start the season is not good enough.

"We're only six games into the season and we're trying to figure out who wants to be here, who wants to play for who."

Zadorov added players simply aren't playing as teammates.

"The main thing is we're just not working as a unit. We have too many individuals playing as themselves. We have to figure out if we wanna play as a team or play as our own guy.

Calgary had it rough last season, missing the playoffs and the ditching head coach Darryl Sutter and GM Brad Treliving. Some members of the team publicly criticized Sutter and his coaching style for their problems. Zadorov insisted no one can blame the coach anymore.

"Last season was different. It was Darryl [Sutter]. Now there's no Darryl, so there's no excuses. You know what I mean? You guys don't like hard coaches? You don't like soft coaches? You don't like good coaches? Fair."

"It's a new-day league. You come up here, you play hard, and you leave everything on the ice. I think that's how simple it is."

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Flames Player Calls Out Teammates, Says They Can't Blame 'Darryl' Anymore

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