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Noah Hanifin reportedly agrees to extension with Atlantic Division team

Published March 6, 2024 at 6:58

Noah Hanifin is still under contract with the Calgary Flames. According to multiple reports, however, the team has granted him permission to speak to interest in parties about a potential contract extension. While this is common practice, this process usually includes a trade conversation that is fairly far along.

So when Nick Kypreos broke the news earlier today, it caught some off guard. But according to Kypreos it appears that Noah Hanifin and the Tampa Bay Lightning are in agreement on a contract extension.

On today's Real Kyper & Bourne @RealKyper says he's heard that the Tampa Bay Lightning & Noah Hanifin have a contract extension in place IF the #Flames    & #Lightning can come to terms on a deal. #NHL

According to other reports, the agents for hanifin have made it extremely difficult for the Flames to discuss a trade by essentially hijacking the negotiations.

Pat and Frank on #Flames    talk both saying that the Hanifin camp has pretty much hijacked the whole process, making it a lot tougher for Conroy to make a trade.

What is really intriguing is the reports that Tampa Bay isn't sure if they want to make a big move at this point. This makes it very possible that the Lightning simply used this negotiation window to pitch Hanifin a contract for next summer.

If these reports are true and Tampa Bay has simply manipulated this situation, it likely will not be well received. It will be interesting to see how this situation develops as it could go as far as being considered tampering or not negotiating in good faith. If nothing else, this trade deadline is going to be entertaining.
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Noah Hanifin reportedly agrees to extension with Atlantic Division team

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