Hurricanes Tony DeAngelo drops his gloves in front of Rangers bench
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Hurricanes DeAngelo embarrasses himself in front of Rangers bench

Published May 9, 2024 at 8:53 PM

Tony DeAngelo is a special kind of individual, if you get what I mean. DeAngelo has never been afraid to mix it up with opponents or drop the gloves when his team needs a little morale boost, but Thursday evening as he and his Carolina Hurricanes teammates faced off against the New York Rangers at home, he may have embarrassed himself, but let's explain why.

DeAngelo who has been a mouthpiece all series believed it was wise to try to goad any of the Rangers into fighting him to the point he actually took off his gloves and laid them in front of him. While it's an interesting tactic and kudos to him for trying to use mind games, it didn't work, at least this time.

DeAngelo who isn't really a tough customer and is quite frankly more of a cheap artist than anything obviously didn't think about what he did before he did it, because if he had, he'd have had a dance partner, but to no avail.

While there is still an awful lot of hockey to play during game three and beyond, it may be wise for him to take a minute to pick and choose his battles. Especially when a young monster like Matt Rempe could be after him the next time they're on the ice together.
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Hurricanes DeAngelo embarrasses himself in front of Rangers bench

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