Andrew Shaw receiving massive criticism after comment about Kyle Beach during recent podcast appearance

Published May 24, 2023 at 3:12 PM

By now almost every hockey fan has some knowledge of the Kyle Beach scandal that rocked the Chicago Blackhawks. One member of those teams was Andrew Shaw. Shaw played parts of 7 seasons with the Blackhawks and was part of two teams who hoisted the Stanley Cup.

However, years after that success the success of those teams was tainted by the surfacing of the truth surrounding the lack of intervention by the organization. The Beach incident ultimately led to the suspension of both former General Manager, Stan Bowman and Head Coach, Joel Quenneville.

Shaw recently joined the crew from the Raw Knuckles Podcast and was asked about the Beach Scandal. During his appearance Shaw shared that he had nothing negative to say about Beach, but he also felt there was no reason for this to fall on Coach Q or the team's General Manager.

According to Shaw, after this meeting the onus should have fallen on the Human Resource department of the Blackhawks organization. But the comment that has drawn the most criticism is one Shaw made about Beach putting himself in a position to be assaulted.

I had nothing bad to say about Kyle but it's a shame something like this had to go that far when it could've been nipped in the bud pretty quick... as a 20 year old, I would've never put myself in the situation Kyle was in. He put himself in a bad situation.

Shaw went onto share in some graphic details how he'd have handled this situation if he encountered a similar situation. Fans immediately chose to jump on Shaw for his comments.

Comments like Shaw's continue to bring to light the issues that still surround the Beach situation. It's unfortunate that situations like this continue to put a black eye on a subject that the organization has tried to hard to make some form of amends for.
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