Connor Bedard upset by Blackhawks media in postgame

Published September 29, 2023 at 4:57 PM

It's a hockey tradition as old as they come: when you walk through the locker room, you never step on the logo. A member of the Blackhawks media recently had their foot in the sacred spot, and quickly heard and felt disapproval from the Blackhawks, including Bedard.

In a short video from Bedard's post game media availability, voices can be heard shouting «logo» directed towards a reporter, along with Bedard clenching his teeth and shaking his head at the incident.

It's short and nonverbal, but Bedard displayed an understanding for one of hockey's oldest traditions.

On the ice, Bedard has had an extremely impressive showing in preseason and training camp. He dominated rookie camp with several highlight reel goals, and posted two assists in his preseason debut game.

With the addition of the superstar talent in Bedard, along with players like Taylor Hall, Corey Perry, and Nick Foligno, the Blackhawks will be a much more competitive and relevant team this season compared to their dismal last year. They still likely won't make the playoffs, but the future is undoubtedly brighter in Chicago.
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Connor Bedard upset by Blackhawks media in postgame

Should teams place logos on the floor?

Yes, just don't step on it10077.5 %
No, it's a silly tradition2922.5 %
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