Spittin' Chiclets Host Rips The World While Defending Bedard

Published December 7, 2023 at 3:50 PM

Chicago Blackhawks rookie Connor Bedard has had to endure a tumultuous couple of weeks following the dismal of teammate Corey Perry. The internet rumor ran rampant involving Bedard, Perry and his family.

NHL TNT analyst and co-host of the Spittin Chiclets Paul Bissonnette expressed his disappoint with all the online trolls and their baseless speculation.

"Connor Bedard has been nothing short of impressive dealing with all these bulls**t off-ice internet rumors."

"There's a lot of people out there online that were f**king tweeting this f**king nonsense. I just feel that I was very let down with all these f**king idiots on Twitter,"
Bissonnette said, reflecting the frustration caused by the unnecessary speculation surrounding Bedard's personal life."

"Now, most of you would be like, well, what do you expect from these f**king idiots on there all the time just trying to stir it up. And I was f**king disgusted by what happened"

The veteran analyst expressed disappointment at the lack of empathy displayed by those who perpetuated the rumors:

"And I think that with what this kid's already had to deal with, coming in with all this f**king pressure on them and then going through that media circus early on, and then to put the next star in the league through this type of sh*t. You're not a hockey fan in my opinion if you're going on there, slinging it like that."

Perry's last game with the Blackhawks was on Nov 19th against Buffalo. Since that time the Blackhawks have played eight games with Bedard scoring two goals and three assists to show the drama hasn't effected his play.
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Spittin' Chiclets Host Rips The World While Defending Bedard

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