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Connor Bedard's bubble helmet saves him from serious injury

Published March 31, 2024 at 12:47

Earlier this season, Connor Bedard, last year's first overall pick suffered a broken jaw in a game against the New Jersey Devils. The play occurred when Bedard crossed the blue line with his head down and was a recipient of a check from defender. Brendan Smith. The injury caused Bedard to miss approximately 6 weeks and he returned wearing a full face shield.

Since returning Bedard has been nothing short of sensational and continues to be the favorite for the NHL's Calder trophy, despite missing multiple games. Yesterday afternoon the Blackhawks faced off against the Philadelphia Flyers and it was that bubble helmet face shield that may have just protected Bedard from another injury.

As Blackhawk defender Jason Dickinson attempts to deliver it against Travis Sanheim, Bedard stumbles. As Bedard falls, his head appears to get caught between Sanheim and the boards. Luckily for him his full face shield came in clutch preventing him from striking the boards.

Connor Bedard's bubble protects him after getting jammed up along the boards. #Blackhawks

Luckily for Bedard, this likely prevented any further injury and keeps his hopes for the Calder Trophy alive. The Blackhawks would go on to defeat the flyers-handedly dashing Philadelphia's playoff hopes as they continue to try to make a late season push.
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Connor Bedard's bubble helmet saves him from serious injury

Should Connor Bedard wear a full face shield for his career?

If he wants to12740.6 %
Yes, it keeps him safer5818.5 %
No, back to the visor7724.6 %
Every player should wear a bubble5116.3 %
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