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Colorado Avalanche May Get Much More than Just Gabriel Landeskog with his Projected Return Date

Published January 11, 2024 at 7:01 PM

While he's nowhere near a return yet, it was a beautiful sight for fans of the Colorado Avalanche today when captain Gabriel Landeskog was spotted skating for the first time since undergoing two knee surgeries. Landeskog hasn't played hockey since the 2022 Stanley Cup playoffs, when his team won it all in a final series against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Avalanche GM Chris MacFarland appeared on Frankly Speaking with Frank Seravalli not long after Landeskog was spotted, and what he had to say could set up his team perfectly for an opportunity to get much more than just Landeskog when he's ready to return.

MacFarland: "To say it's going to be, you know, if we were fortunate enough to get into the playoffs and perhaps win a round, would he potentially be a player? I just don't know, I just don't know."

Seravalli: "But is that a twinkle in your eye, maybe?"

MacFarland: "Yes!"

If that were to happen, McFarland and the Avs are set up perfectly to pick up another piece for the team at the trade deadline. Landeskog's added salary would not be a factor once the playoffs begin. MacFarland clearly knows that and knows that's what people are thinking about. He did his best to try and downplay what it gives him.

"You can maybe, you know, put that cap space to use to find a 20 goal scorer, or what have you. But, the things that Gabe does, they aren't readily available, the things he does for our organization on and off the ice."

That may be true, but it doesn't take away from the fact that the team can, and likely will, add perhaps even two solid depth pieces at the deadline while Landeskog remains on LTIR. I'm sure he won't mind the help at all.

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Colorado Avalanche May Get Much More than Just Gabriel Landeskog with his Projected Return Date

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