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A Dallas Stars fan bangs on the glass during game 5.
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Fan hammers on glass behind Stars net during game in Dallas

Published May 3, 2024 at 10:35 PM

If you've been to the rink to watch hockey, you've experienced it. You're there enjoying yourself while watching your favourite hockey team and then you see it. That one fan who is over the top. Sometimes it involves alcohol, often it involves the love of the team and the passion for the game.

Truth be told, there are dozens of fans who express themselves in this way, but they can be broken into two groups, the passionate and the annoying.

Take what happened Wednesday night in Dallas during game five of their series against the Vegas Golden Knights.

The camera shows, during a battle behind the Stars net, a Dallas fan dancing like a goof and hammering on the glass. Have a look:

What isn't known is who this individual is or whether they were paid entertainment to get the crowd into the game, but if that's the case, banging on the glass isn't necessary or appropriate. The actions of the individual could have had unintended consequences, as their was a possibility the glass could have popped out with their aggressive behaviour.
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Fan hammers on glass behind Stars net during game in Dallas

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