Alex DeBrincat Finally Opens Up on his Exit from Ottawa and Why it Happened

Published October 20, 2023 at 2:55 PM

Alex DeBrincat is looking like a fantastic fit in Detroit so far. In just four games with the Red Wings this season, he has five goals and eight points. Despite his success, questions linger about his departure from Ottawa, and he's decided to finally open up on the subject.

When it became clear that Ottawa would not be able to keep DeBrincat after the 2022-23 season, various rumours started floating around that he'd asked for a trade, wasn't happy with his role with the team. etc. DeBrincat insists that's not the case.

"Through the trade process, a lot of things that were put out there were not necessarily what was actually going on behind closed doors."

"No, I never asked for a trade. I said I wasn't going to sign long-term. And they took that as writing on the wall."

DeBrincat said the move was entirely about family, with the Michigan native noting that his parents now attend all his home games, and his son is surrounded by family.

"Archie is growing up with his grandparents around. That's a luxury that most NHL players don't get. I do think that's something that's overlooked. We have lives outside of hockey. It's been so good for me and my wife."

As for the City of Ottawa and the Senators, DeBrincat insisted he loved his time there and doesn't see how any player wouldn't.

"Hating Ottawa is not going to happen for me or most players. It's such a great city. It just ended up not being the best fit for me and my family. To get the chance to come back to Detroit was something we couldn't pass up."

DeBrincat said he still texts regularly with players from the Sens and he doesn't believe there are any hard feelings on any side. The Senators and Red Wings will meet in Ottawa Saturday for the first time since the trade happened. DeBrincat said if Sens fans want to boo him, it's fine.

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Alex DeBrincat Finally Opens Up on his Exit from Ottawa and Why it Happened

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