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Evander Kane reportedly unhappy in Edmonton causing locker room issues

Published February 28, 2024 at 11:24

Evander Kane is in the second year of a four-year contract that has a cap hit of $5.125 million, and while his numbers have declined in part due to being placed on the third line at times, it can be suggested that the problem lies deeper and more specifically in the locker room.

On the Got Yer Back podcast, Ryan Rishaug and Jason Strudwick discussed that the team lacks an identity and consistency on their second line and that it has been problematic. It was also discussed that Leon Draisaitl and Kane have had animated discussions on the bench at times and that they just are not meshing.

We've seen that Kane hasn't been happy when he's been on the third line. I don't think there's a chemistry between him and Leon right now. I know that you watch body language and you watch the bench a lot, there was a very animated conversation two games ago between Kane and Leon on the bench.

Historically, it is known that Kane does not come without some sort of controversy, but in the last few years, it had appeared that he had cleaned up his image and was content being in Edmonton, especially with fan engagement, but this may be a cause for concern as many have suggested that their core is not getting any younger and although they arguably have the best two players in the world playing on their team, that this season could be their best chance at winning the Stanley Cup.

Division in locker rooms and the lack of success is not something that's new in the National Hockey League and you can be certain if it is happening, it is not just happening in Edmonton. It may be in the Oilers' best interest to sit all parties down and have a candid discussion so everyone can get on the same page moving forward for the stretch drive and this may be the only recipe for success.
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Evander Kane reportedly unhappy in Edmonton causing locker room issues

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