Nico Hischier looks like he may be in pain
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Connor Murphy's retaliation on Nico Hischier was BRUTAL

Published January 5, 2024 at 9:22 PM

Tonight's game between the New Jersey Devils and Chicago Blackhawks has been tense, as tempers are flaring. The rookie star, Connor Bedard was dropped by a hard hit earlier in the game by Brendan Smith.

His return is unlikely, as the Blackhawks are shorthanded on forwards.


Later in the period, Connor Murphy would lay out Devils Captain Nico Hischier with a dirty hit, as the Blackhawks returned the sentiment in kind.

Murphy used all the force he could when he exploded into Hischier, seemingly jumping into the hit as he exploded into Hischier.

As the NHL officiating situation declines, players once again have to police each other.
Hischier wouldn't take a shift the rest of the 1st period but has since returned to the game.

Nick Foligno would also make Smith pay as well, as the Blackhawks and Devils smell blood on the ice everywhere.
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Connor Murphy's retaliation on Nico Hischier was BRUTAL

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