Timo Meier caught yelling at teammate
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Fan captures Timo Meier yelling at Nico Hischier

Published April 3, 2024 at 6:04 PM

Over the course of an 82 Game season teammates are never going to get along at all times. Truthfully, a well-oiled hockey team thrives on conflict even internally when it is done so in a healthy manner. For the New Jersey Devils though it appears that the team's frustrations on the ice are beginning to show off of the ice.

On Tuesday night the Devils faced off against the Pittsburgh Penguins in a matchup with heavy playoff implications. After the second period the Devils led the game 3-1 and appeared to be in complete control. That's when things fell apart.

Sidney Crosby scored 7 minutes into the 3rd period to cut the lead to 3-2 and then the wheels fell off. The Devils would go onto lose the game 6-3, giving up 5 straight goals in the final 13 minutes.

During the 3rd period a fan behind the Devils bench caught the following video.

This video says a lot of things about our team and Timo Meier calling out Nico Hischier is absolutely amazing. Out of every single player we inked to long term deals, he's by far the best investment we made, that isn't named Jack Hughes. #NJDevils   

In the video Timo Meier can be seen yelling at captain Nico Hischier after a missed opportunity. Meier clearly yells the word "shoot" presumably trying to tell his captain to stop looking for the pass. After last night's loss it appears the Devils are all but mathematically eliminated from the post season, bringing a disappointing end to their year.
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Fan captures Timo Meier yelling at Nico Hischier

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