Fans Outraged After Another Long and Confusing NHL Offside Review

Published November 30, 2023 at 2:51 PM

From game to game, it seems to be getting harder and harder to tells what's offside and what isn't in the NHL any more. The Ottawa Senators and Florida Panthers game tonight is adding to the confusion.

Sam Bennett took a pass with his stick just before the blueline while teammate Matthew Tkachuk was trying to get out of the offensive zone. As Bennett receives the pass and pushes the puck ahead, it seems clear the play is offside. Senators coach DJ Smith and his video coach certainly thought so, as the resulting goal was challenged by Ottawa. After a whopping four-and-a-half minutes to review the footage, the official announced the goal was good, giving Florida a two-minute power play.

To make matters worse, Florida scored with the extra man, giving themselves a three goal lead at the time. The NHL's Situation Room decided the call was controversial enough that it released an explanation for the result.

"There was no conclusive evidence to determine that Sam Bennett touched the puck in the offensive zone prior to Matthew Tkachuk legally tagging up at the blue line, therefore, the call on the ice stands."

Ottawa fans should be forgiven for being a bit confused.

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Fans Outraged After Another Long and Confusing NHL Offside Review

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