Cutter Gauthier when he was taken 5th overall by the Philadephia Flyers
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Cutter Gauthier Likes Video of Sean Avery Insulting Flyers Fans

Published January 10, 2024 at 7:48

Former NHLer Sean Avery is back with another video where he goes on a rant on whatever it is he assumes will get lots of eyes on whoever is sponsoring it. This one comes with a little twist, though. Avery addresses the Cutter Gauthier trade in this one, and it got a like from Gauthier himself, despite the fact that Avery insults Flyers fans several times.

Gauthier was traded to the Anaheim Ducks earlier this week from the Philadelphia Flyers, the team that drafted him 5th overall in 2022. Not long after, it was reported by several sources that Gauthier flat-out refused to play for the Flyers, and refused to meet with anyone from the team's head office, even as recent as the World Juniors.Philadelphia fans were, understandably, not pleased with Gauthier's refusal to play there. In his latest video, Avery said he can't understand why anyone would want to play in Philadelphia.

"This is business, baby. All you greasy Flyer fans, all you f--king savages, you guys threw quarters at Santa Claus. Maybe Cutter Gauthier just doesn't like Danny Briere's son because he threw the wheelchair of a disabled girl down a flight of stairs. Maybe he doesn't like John Tortorella for a multitude of reasons. Maybe he doesn't like f--king Gritty. Because, no one likes Gritty."

Avery went on the call Gauthier an "American hero," adding Gauthier exercised his "God-given right." While all of that is pretty normal for Avery, many are surprised that Cutter Gauthier's Instagram profile liked the video, adding some salt to what is still a pretty fresh wound.

Gauthier currently plays for Boston College of the NCAA. When he does decide to make the jump to the NHL, even if it isn't with the Anaheim Ducks, his first game in Philadelphia will be very interesting. Avery is right in one aspect. Gauthier had every right to refuse to play in Philadelphia. I'm not sure he needed to burn so many bridges on his way out, though.
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Cutter Gauthier Likes Video of Sean Avery Insulting Flyers Fans

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