John Tortorella shares some disturbing information about the Philadelphia Flyer's medical staff

Published March 17, 2023 at 12:17

The Philadelphia Flyers have been a mess, but now it doesn't sound like anyone realized just how much of a mess the franchise has become. Today Head Coach John Tortorella shared some information on the teams medical staff and their failures that should definitely be concerning to players and staff.

I think there's a huge scab on this organization with the medical situation that was prior, i was hired June 16th, my first thought was how to get this figured out on how to get this figured out so the players can be treated properly. I did not realize it when i took the job on how long some of the medical problems were being handled, it's been going on for years here. I am not criticizing any specific person, but it has been a mess.

It is still something on our to do list, i think they've done a better job at not jumping into operations, as why i think happened here. Tommy and his staff have gotten a lot better.

Some of the things off the ice we have spent a lot of times trying to stabilize this year. Players are a pain in the ass when it comes to this, Tommy has done a real good job on on handling it.

3 important guys here, Coots, TK, Atkinson, 3 important guys who are stubborn. The history that has gone on here (medical staff) has brought a lack of confidence for players. Chuck and Barry put a lot of time into trying to fix this up here.

Tortorella went on to discuss the lack of faith the team has in the medical staff which is a very dangerous situation for everyone involved. After multiple reports that Flyer's players may have suffered career ending injuries like Ryan Ellis, it is clear that the franchise requires a complete upheaval of the department.

With Chuck Fletcher out, hopefully the Flyers can return to their former greatness as the team looks to overcome some of the major issues that have cursed the franchise lately.
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