Philadelphia Flyers General Manager's son caught pushing wheelchair down a flight of stairs

Published March 14, 2023 at 5:33 PM

Just because you're the son of a National Hockey League executive doesn't give you the right to do stupid things and get away with it, especially off the ice but that's exactly what current Philadelphia Flyers General Manager Daniel Briere's son Carson probably hopes will happen.

Carson, a junior at Mercyhurst University in Erie, Pennsylvania was recently caught on what looks like security camera footage pushing an unoccupied wheelchair down a flight of stairs at a club or bar after sitting in it for a moment as others looked on.

As a person that uses a mobility device, the actions of the younger Briere are deplorable and unnecessary no matter how you look at it.

Many will argue why a wheelchair was even at the top of the stairs and the argument about accessibility and whether the individual who presumably owns it needs it is honestly nobody's business or a topic for another day.

For an individual of Briere's stature being a member of a university hockey team first and the son of an individual who made a living playing the game and now as an executive, one would think that he would have more common sense or compassion than what is shown.

There is absolutely no excuse for this type of action to occur whether you've been drinking or you just think it's funny.

Who knows what happens to Briere moving forward, but a discussion with his father, repercussions from the university, and a possible removable or suspension from the hockey team should not be out of the question.

Briere is no stranger to controversy as he was previously kicked off of the Arizona State Sun Devils team after what the team described as "a violation of team rules".
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Philadelphia Flyers General Manager's son caught pushing wheelchair down a flight of stairs

Does Carson Briere deserve to face repercussions for his actions?

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