Flyers Drop Hilarious Promo To Announce Gritty Earmuff Giveaway

Published February 20, 2024 at 4:49 PM

The Philadelphia Flyers have released one of the funniest promo videos your going to see, featuring head coach John Tortorella, and mascot Gritty advertising for the their upcoming Gritty earmuff giveaway.

"Earmuffs. The first 10,000 fans in attendance for #TBLvsPHI on Feb. 27 at @WellsFargoCtr will receive @GrittyNHL earmuffs."

The video begins with Tortorella sitting down for a press conference with the Flyers mascot Gritty in attendance. Each time Tortorella lets a curse word slip, a beep sound is heard, prompting Gritty to raise and drop his earmuffs in amusement.

The action is interrupted by the arrival of a security agent, who directs Gritty to keep the earmuffs on, unleashing a series of beep sounds to mask Tortorella's colorful language.

The first 10k fans that attend the February 27th game between the Tampa Bay Lightning and Flyers will receive a pair of Gritty earmuffs.

Great work by the marketing team of the Flyers to release this video to uplift the mood around the fanbase who are still reeling from the 6-3 loss during the Stadium Series on Saturday.
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Flyers Drop Hilarious Promo To Announce Gritty Earmuff Giveaway

Which NHL team has the best mascot?

Gritty, Philadephia Flyers11857.8 %
Wild Wing, Anaheim Ducks125.9 %
Carlton the Bear, Toronto Maple Leafs3517.2 %
Youppi!, Montreal Canadiens3919.1 %
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