San Jose Sharks reportedly open to moving fourth overall pick

Published May 30, 2023 at 2:59 PM

The San Jose Sharks hold the fourth overall pick in the 2023 NHL Entry Draft next month in Nashville. It'll be the highest the Sharks have selected since they took Brad Stuart third overall back in 1998.

With the team in the midst of a rebuild or re-tool and trying to get younger, you'd think it's unlikely that they would part with that fourth overall pick. Well, it appears that they're at least considering it.

"I won't rule anything out," General Manager Mike Grier said. "I think there'd have to be a pretty significant offer to move out of four, but you never know what happens when you get close to the draft. If there's a player another team really likes, we'll listen. But it would take a lot."

There is a lot of talent in this year's draft, so with the players that will be availability to them at fourth overall, it may be hard for Mike Grier to move the pick. But as he mentions, it would have to be something significant, but would that be?

Corey Masisak of The Athletic suggested a scenario in which he sees the Sharks moving their pick.

Masisak suggests trading the fourth overall pick and 26th overall pick to the Arizona Coyotes in exchange for the sixth overall pick and 12th overall pick.

One reason the Sharks could consider that potential trade above is that if Connor Bedard, Adam Fantilli and Leo Carlsson are all off the board with the first three picks and they aren't comfortable drafting Matvei Michkov.

The second is if they want Michkov, but aren't comfortable taking him at fourth overall. They would run the risk of Arizona taking him at fourth or Montreal taking him fifth, but if their intel suggests that neither team would want to select Michkov, then they could be willing taking this deal.

Source: Corey Masisak - The Athletic
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San Jose Sharks reportedly open to moving fourth overall pick

If the Sharks keep the fourth overall pick, who should they select?

Matvei Michkov5550 %
Will Smith3531.8 %
Dalibor Dvorsky1110 %
Ryan Leonard98.2 %
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