Young Kraken's future is 'in his hands' according to GM Francis

Published May 22, 2023 at 11:53

The Seattle Krakens season ended recently as they lost game seven to the Dallas Stars 2-1. When the dust settled and media were invited to conduct end-of-season media interviews, Ron Francis discussed many things that he noticed that materialized throughout the season including the addition of Shane Wright, which albeit was short.

Francis, who had a long successful career as a player before moving into a management role had the following to say about how Wright can be successful at the next level and stick with the Kraken moving forward. <

These words coming from a Hall of Famer such as Francis can be looked at two-fold. Francis knows what it takes to be an elite hockey player in this league and his resume is proof positive. There is no question that Wright has the talent to succeed in the National Hockey League however his maturity, attitude and lack of motivation at times have come into question.

Whatever Francis and the Kraken decide to do with Wright moving forward may literally be in the young forward's hands moving forward, but one thing is for certain. At the end of his career, he'll be known for one of two things. A superstar that eventually came into his own and proved everyone wrong or an individual who allowed the idea of entitlement get to him and as such cracked under the pressure that so many young players do when they reach the upper echelon of professional hockey.
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Young Kraken's future is 'in his hands' according to GM Francis

Will Shane Wright be a superstar or a bust during his NHL career?

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