Brendan Shanahan makes decision that allows Kyle Dubas to screw over the Maple Leafs one last time

Published June 18, 2023 at 9:53 PM

So far this offseason the Toronto Maple Leafs have been a bit of a mess. The firing of Kyle Dubas led to the eventual hiring of Brad Treliving. As part of Treliving's hiring, he has been forbidden by the Calgary Flames from taking part in the upcoming Entry Draft.

When a General Manager or high ranking Executive leaves a team it's a common practice to prevent that executive from taking part in the Draft. This prevents individuals with inside information from using what they know to impact other teams strategy. So when the Flames made the request, the Maple Leafs happily accepted those terms.

Many expected a similar decision to have been made about Kyle Dubas, but according to Chris Johnston that is not the case. During a recent Ask CJ, Johnston was asked the following:

ls Kyle Dubas also restricted from partaking in the draft like Brad Treliving? @andrewoprea28

No, the Leafs didn't place any restrictions on Dubas when allowing Pittsburgh to negotiate with him prior to the end of his previous Contract. He's completely untethered. Unless something changes, Treliving won't be able to physically walk the draft floor or sit at the Leafs draft table in Nashville because the Calgary Flames his previous employer insisted on those conditions in exchange for letting him walk early.


This decision by Shanahan could be heavily criticised if the Maple Leafs draft strategy falls apart. Knowing who the Maple Leafs are targeting could give the Penguins a very distinct advantage when it comes to trading down or maneuvering in the draft. This may fall under another questionable move made by Shanny this summer.
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