Former NHL tough guy rips Ryan Reaves for his lack of response to Brad Marchand

Published November 8, 2023 at 9:35

The shine on one of the Toronto Maple Leafs off-season signings is beginning to dull among the fanbase. Twelve games into the season and it's becoming glaringly obvious that when Ryan Reaves isn't fighting or laying the body he doesn't do much else.

The 36 year old is pointless on the season, a minus eight, with two fights, twenty two hits and averaging 7:38 in ice time.

Boston Bruins agitator Brad Marchand can opened Leaf's defenceman Timothy Liljegren causing him to go awkwardly into the boards which resulted in Liljegren suffering a long-term injury. It would have been the perfect opportunity for Reaves to do something, but instead there was no response from him or anyone on the Leafs.

Former NHLer Sean Avery was never shy when a microphone was in his face during his playing days and that has only been amplified now that he hosts a weekly podcast titled "No Gruffs Given with Sean Avery" since December of 2019.

Avery laid into Reaves lack of response and current talents as an NHL player.

«He's -8, we all know how bad he is, he can't shoot, and pass in the modern day NHL, that obvious.»

«Where was Ryan Reaves after the Brad Marchand can opener?»

«He said he didn't get matched up with Brad Marchand. You're one of the worst players in the league. Of course your not going to get matched up against Marchand. You still need to find a way to make Marchand scared of you.»

It might be time for Sheldon Keefe to rethink Reaves place on the team. In their last game against the Tampa Bay Lightning, Reaves played a season low 4:32. A player from the Marlies like Bobby McMann or Alex Steeves could come in and provide more in a 4th line role.

It is becoming obvious Reaves doesn't need to play every game and hopefully soon the head coach will realize this as well.
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Former NHL tough guy rips Ryan Reaves for his lack of response to Brad Marchand

Should Ryan Reaves be an every game player for the Leafs?

With the salary he's making should be every game2331.1 %
Only when the opposition has a tough guy as well2128.4 %
Should be sitting way more3040.5 %
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