Insider provides updated timeline on Matt Murray's future in Toronto

Published July 16, 2023 at 9:40 PM

The Toronto Maple Leafs have had an off-season of flux, especially with Brad Treliving coming in and wanting to put his mark on the team. It's long been speculated that Matt Murray's time in Toronto is coming to an end, but it looks like that might be sooner than later.

According to David Pagnotta of The Fourth period, with arbitration around the corner from Ilya Samsonov, the Leafs need cap space and they might be leaning towards buying out Murray to free up the cap space for Samsonov.

I gotta think so. I mean, if they had something cooking, they would've done it already with respect to that. Ideally, you want to move him out and you want a cap hit of zero, but you gotta pay for that. And clearly, they're not willing to do that. If the buyout does occur, they free up four million dollars this coming season. That's big.

July 21st is a big day for the Leafs. Ilya Samsonov's artibration day is the 21st. Leafs will know how much money they will need to shed. I'm betting on the Leafs working out a deal before the hearing.

It's no secret Matt Murray had a rough time in Toronto this past season as the injury bug followed him around all season and a buyout would make a lot of sense.

If the Leafs want to sign Samsonov before the July 21st arbitration hearing, they'll need the 4 million in cap space for Samsonov that a Murray buyout would give them.

Source: Hockey Patrol
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Insider provides updated timeline on Matt Murray's future in Toronto

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