Insider reveals what happened to Jason Spezza after the firing of Kyle Dubas

Published May 19, 2023 at 6:00 PM

Earlier today the Toronto Maple Leafs made the announcement that they had parted ways with General Manager Kyle Dubas. This move was followed by the Leafs announcing they had also relieved all members of the Toronto Marlies coaching staff of their duties.

Lost in all of this was what had happened with Jason Spezza. Last season Spezza worked closely with Kyle Dubas as a Special Assistant to the General Manager. Spezza was to shadow Dubas and figure out what role he'd be interested in long-term.

It looks like that option is officially off the table. Pierre LeBrun broke the following news.

For those wondering where all this leaves Jason Spezza, hearing that he tendered his resignation from the Leafs prior to Brendan Shanahan's news conference today.

Now it appears the teardown in the Maple Leafs front office is just beginning.
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