Leafs unable to dress backup goalie tonight due to salary cap

Published April 8, 2023 at 5:33 PM

When the Leafs made waves in signing their core four forwards to extremely lucrative contracts, including 3 players above $10M, fans and media analysts alike showed plenty of concern for their ability to stay under the salary cap. Today, the Leafs will pay the price for their high value roster, and because of the salary cap will be unable to dress a backup goaltender.

However, it's more than just salary cap that's withholding the Leafs from dressing a backup. Goaltender Matt Murray is currently injured, but at this point of the season is ineligible to be placed on injured reserve. With Murray injured but his salary still on the books, and the Leafs looking to sign draft pick Matthew Knies tomorrow, the team will forego a backup goaltender tonight to make the roster moves work.

Even with context, it's not an ideal situation or a good look that the Leafs will play tonight without a backup goaltender. Sure, the signing of Matthew Knies at this time of year is a unique situation, but one of the league's top teams being unable to dress a full team due to salary rules is a poor look for the NHL.

When the Maple Leafs take on the Montreal Canadiens tonight at home, goaltender Ilya Samsonov will be relied upon to get through the game healthy, both for their chances of winning tonight and in the playoffs next week.


The Maple Leafs have now signed a university goaltender to an ATO to be back up for the game against Montreal tonight
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Leafs unable to dress backup goalie tonight due to salary cap

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