Maple Leafs Goaltender Gets Brutally Honest About his Struggles This Season

Published October 28, 2023 at 12:27

After a bounce-back season for goaltender Ilya Samsonov last year, 2023-24 so far has been terrible. Samsonov knows it, and isn't making any excuses for it when talking to reporters.

In an interview, Samsonov was asked how he's feeling. With a goals against average of 4.31, and a save percentage of .831 is four games so far this season, Samsonov was brutally honest.

"If I said I feel great, it's not the truth, yeah? I feel s--t."

However, Samsonov said he wasn't giving up.

"I'm a guy who will be fighting for this. I'll be fighting every day. Not my time the last three games, yeah? But I know I'm a better goalie than this."

Maple Leafs coach Sheldon Keefe stressed with reporters that it's very early in the season, and Samsonov is under plenty of stress, especially when it comes to dealing with questions from the media about his poor play.

"It's early. Just relax. This is a very good goalie that carried us through some tough times last year, and had a career year. Let's let him breathe."

Keefe may be right, but it's likely still hard for many fans not to be nervous. The Leafs must have good goaltending to to go on a deep playoff run, and anything less will be another disappointment.

Source: TSN Video
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Maple Leafs Goaltender Gets Brutally Honest About his Struggles This Season

Will Samsonov recover his game this season?

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