Matt Murray's time in Toronto appears to be over after recent gesture

Published June 23, 2023 at 9:29 PM

Last summer Kyle Dubas made a surprising move to acquire Matt Murray from the Ottawa Senators. The Maple Leafs hoped that Murray could find the form he had in Pittsburgh, where he won two Stanley Cups. Unfortunately Murray was unable to stay healthy and now appears to remain as a burden on the Leafs' cap situation.

With rumors swirling it now appears it's only a matter of time before Murray is no longer a Leaf. Last season when Murray was being shopped by the Ottawa Senators he unfollowed the team on Instagram. Today he did the same with the Maple Leafs.

Murray unfollowed the Leafs on IG, looks like a breakup is on the horizon.

Whether it's a trade or a buyout it appears Murray will not be a member of the Leafs when July 1st rules around.
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