Pavel Mintyukov is shaken up after hit by Bobby McCann
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NHL Criticized for Ejecting Leafs Bobby McMann Just a Day After Worse Hit Goes Unpunished

Published January 4, 2024 at 9:29

This one is causing a lot of discussion, and outrage on social media. Bobby McMann of the Toronto Maple Leafs was ejected from last night's game against the Anaheim Ducks after a hit on Pavel Mintyukov close to the boards. The outrage is directed at the fact that a hit delivered by Nick Cousins of the Florida Panthers the previous night seemed much worse, and received nothing.

Here is the hit that got McCann ejected. It was called a boarding penalty and was labelled a five minute major and a game misconduct.

Meanwhile, the previous night, Cousins put a hit on Juuso Valimaki of the Arizona Coyotes that seems much, much worse. However, not only was he not penalized, but Jason Zucker of the Coyotes ended up with a three-game suspension for retaliating.

The reaction to the call on McMann was mostly negative.

"NHL hiring IIHF refs? That's a clean hit. Shoulder to a guy that sees the hit coming & tries to brace it by turning to finish shooting the puck. So McMann gets 5 min for being the stronger guy in the collision? C'mon. Hockey is still a physical game whether people like it or not."

"Guy goes into the boards like a child. Face first for some reason.
There is nothing about what McMann did that was unclean. 5 and a game?
When will the refs wake up?"

"The wild thing about the McMann hit is I don't think I've seen anyone argue it should have been more than 2 mins and probably not even that; including fans of other teams. Do you know how bad a call has to be against the Leafs for rival fans to go "I don't know about that one..."

No word yet on whether McMann may receive supplemental discipline for the hit. The major penalty guarantees a review by the NHL's Department of Player Safety.
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NHL Criticized for Ejecting Leafs Bobby McMann Just a Day After Worse Hit Goes Unpunished

Should McMann have been given a penalty on this play?

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Two minutes21431.4 %
Major and a game was the right call598.7 %
I'm not sure507.3 %
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