Nylander Says 'Trouble' Caused Him to Miss Major Hockey Tournament, Not his Brother

Published August 23, 2023 at 2:33 PM

When the Toronto Maple Leafs were eliminated from the 2023 Stanley Cup Playoffs by the Florida Panthers, focus almost immediately shifted to William Nylander's desire to play for Sweden at the World Hockey Championships. Nylander ended up missing the tournament despite being adamant that he wanted to play. In an interview in Sweden today, Nylander was asked whether his status at the tournament had anything to do with his brother, something he sternly denied.

When the story first broke that Nylander would no longer represent Sweden at the World Championships, there was some speculation it was due to his brother Alex's standing with the team. Bringing in William would have essentially pushed Alex out of the lineup completely.

"Regarding William Nylander's decision not to join Sweden at the IIHF World Hockey Championship: I'm told he was reticent about arriving late and taking someone's spot in the lineup, especially since it may have belonged to his brother Alex." - Chris Johnston in May of 2023.

In his latest interview, Nylander said his brother Alex had nothing to do with his decision, but wouldn't get specific about his reasons.

Interviewer: "Was there any truth in the information that you did not want to push out Alexander?"

Nylander: "No, there wasn't."

I: "What was it about then?"

N: "I will not say."

I: "Alexander said during the World Cup that you were heard every day, what did you talk about most during those days?"

N: "I was prepared to come. That was what the conversation was about. Then there was trouble."

I: "A lot of people get curious when you say "trouble", what does that mean? Many will probably continue to speculate now."

N: "You can do that."


Whatever the reason, it's clear Nylander has no interest whatsoever in discussing it in public.

Source: Expressen.se
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Nylander Says 'Trouble' Caused Him to Miss Major Hockey Tournament, Not his Brother

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