Rodion Amirov's agent shares more details of his dreams while fighting cancer

Published August 18, 2023 at 8:45

The hockey world is still in mourning over the passing of Toronto Maple Leaf prospect Rodion Amirov who succumbed the cancer earlier this weak after fighting for nearly two years.

In a statement made by his agent Dan Milstein, details of Amirov's courageous battle and dreams of playing in an NHL game preseason or otherwise have come to light; take a look.

But whern he was iven six months to live in October 2022 and they passed, in April 2023 Rodion said with laughter: "Wel, these Canadian doctors don't know anything. Here am, here, alive - and they have already buried me!" Every day lived was like a feat. He waged this struggle courageously.

Kyle Dubas really wanted to fulfil Rodion's dream of playing an NHL game, even if it was preseason. Dubas had already agreed with the Senators, that Rodion would be able to go on the ice in the preseason game and play as much as he could. Unfortunately, he didn't succeed. There was not enough strength, the coordination was not the same - he could no longer skate.

I will say again that we will always remember Rodion's courage, his desire to live, will and smile. We loved him very much.

Sharing how hard Amirov fought along with his dreams, Milstein says the Toronto Maple Leafs organization along with former general manger Kyle Dubas had an agreement in place with the Ottawa Senators to allow Amirov to skate and play in a game, should he have been able to do so.

Unfortunately his strength didn't allow that to come to fruition, but that's an incredible gesture nonetheless.

Amirov was never one to complain, much less wallow only thinking about his family while battling cancer the entire way.

Although Amirov was never able to come to North America, you can see and feel that his presence and personality made quite the impression on the hockey world
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Rodion Amirov's agent shares more details of his dreams while fighting cancer

Thoughts for the Amirov family

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