Toronto Maple Leafs conducting investigation to find a mole who continues to leak private information

Published June 4, 2023 at 1:53 PM

The moment the Toronto Maple Leafs fired Kyle Dubas the organization was thrown on its head. According to multiple sources, Dubas was a very popular individual in the front office and had a very expansive support system. With the termination of someone so popular comes some additional challenges.

After Dubas departure more and more information began to leak out of the organization. Now according to The Athletic, the team is working hard to uncover the source of these leaks.

There are battles happening behind the scenes here, too. Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment isn't happy about the various leaks that have been coming out of the organization basically since the moment Dubas was let go, and they're attempting to root out the sources of those comments and get them out of the front office.


With the Maple Leafs aggressively addressing this situation expect multiple terminations in the near future once the Leafs locate the mole.
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