One member of the Toronto Maple Leafs doesn't want Mitch Marner traded

Josh tupper
June 7, 2024  (3:42 PM)

Mitch Marner
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According to a recent report new Toronto Maple Leafs head coach Craig Berube doesn't want the team to trade Mitch Marner.

When the Toronto Maple Leafs season ended, it sounded like change would be inevitable. Fast forward less than a month and what once seemed like a sure thing is once again up in the air. Earlier this week news broke that Marner would likely be unwilling to accept a trade or sign a contract extension.
After the season ended a photo surfaced online of Mitch Marner and brand new Maple Leafs head coach Craig Berube having coffee. The photo surprised many, especially with all the smoke surrounding Marner's future in Toronto.
Why was a brand new head coach meeting with a player that the organization would likely look to trade? Well now we might have an answer.
According to two separate accounts on X, information is now available that new head coach Craig Berube is hoping to coach Marner next season.
Sources have indicated that Craig Berube has been vocal that he wants an opportunity to coach Mitch Marner.

Feels he's a special player and the coach believes he can unlock another level to his game.

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This was followed up by a similar report.
Ran into Paul at TPC Toronto, and he reiterated the desire for Berube to coach Mitch.
Seems internally the Leafs want to see what a new coach can do.

This is a challenge that the Maple Leafs will continue to face. No matter how hard they try, anyone new to the organization will always see the untapped potential that this group has. Everyone feels they have the ability to unlock that potential and not allow that player to move on and burn them.
Only time will tell if the new head coach has enough respect within the organization to get his way or will the previous eight years be too much for Marner to overcome.
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One member of the Toronto Maple Leafs doesn't want Mitch Marner traded

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