Vegas GM makes Surprising Statement on Robin Lehner's Recovery from Surgery

Published May 18, 2023 at 4:34 PM

Despite the fact that he hasn't played at all this season, Vegas Golden Knights goaltender Robin Lehner has appeared in news stories a few times over the last six months. All of it has had to deal with his bankruptcy proceedings, including a snake farm he had purchased at one point. There's been no update on how his recovery from double hip surgery is going.

A Surprising Statement

Vegas GM Kelly McCrimmon was asked about Lehner's progress today and, quite frankly, sounded as though he had no knowledge of any medical progress since the surgery was completed.

"Kelly McCrimmon said Robin Lehner is still going through rehab for both hips that he had surgery on, but that he's not up to speed on the exact progress." - Jessie Granger

That seems like an odd thing for a GM to say, especially considering Lehner was the number one netminder in Vegas, and the guy McCrimmon decided to keep over Marc-Andre Fleury. Lehner didn't exactly leave the team on good terms. There appeared to be some push and shove going on with the team over whether he should finish out the 2021-22 season, or shut things down and get the surgery. The decision on the surgery came just before the regular season ended with Vegas missing the playoffs for the first time in franchise history.

Laurent Brossoit and Adon Hill have shown themselves to be a capable duo since Lehner left, and given McCrimmon's statement, it's hard not to wonder whether he cares when Lehner comes back. Lehner has two seasons left on his contract at a cap hit of $5 million per year.

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Vegas GM makes Surprising Statement on Robin Lehner's Recovery from Surgery

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