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Mark Stone raising the Stanley Cup
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Mark Stone's wife takes picture mocking teams cap shenanigans

Published May 1, 2024 at 12:21

Many of us who are National Hockey League fans have a favourite player they support and have purchased and worn the jersey of said player. Whether it's Auston Matthews, Connor Bedard, or Mark Stone, those who wear their jerseys have reasons that they hold dear as to why they support a certain player, which brings us to a photo that can only be explained as utterly awesome.

While Vegas Golden Knights Captain Mark Stone has been placed on LTIR intermittently for the past three seasons for various reasons that have been deemed injury-related, which General Manager Kelly McCrimmon has used willfully and within the rules of the National Hockey League, now, due to the circumstances, fans have not forgotten about him and have honoured him in their own way. Take a look:

If you're still confused by what you're seeing, Stone's wife, Hayley, found a fan wearing her husband's number 61 and took a photo to remember the occasion. Instead of his last name, the name bar is replaced with LTIR.

For the record, it's very sad and disappointing that Stone's career has gotten to the point where he's needed to be placed on LTIR numerous times, but seeing a unique way to honour him is pretty heartwarming. Adding to that, his other half took the experience in stride and ran with it, which is great to see as well.
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Mark Stone's wife takes picture mocking teams cap shenanigans

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